1600 PABLO

1600 Pablo was born and raised in Lakewood Heights, Atlanta Zone 3. Growing up, his neighborhood nicknamed him 1600 Pablo. He has always loved music and considered himself to have a way with words. He experienced many different things growing up and speaks on his upbringing in his lyrics. Going from nothing to something has given 1600 Pablo a unique story to tell.

Some struggles Pablo has faced were the passing of his mother and brother, everyday life situations holding him back, and those around him not believing he could be successful as an artist. All of these obstacles were things 1600 had to face and deal with, letting out his opinions and feelings in his lyrics have an influence on his music. He stays true to himself and speaks only about his life in his music.

When it comes to his music, 1600 Pablo has a very trap inspired sound. He keeps his style versatile but draws inspiration from many trap artists he’s admired and grew up on. When he’s in the studio he prefers to record with the lights off to get into his creative zone. 1600 will smoke and reflect on his day-to-day life and experiences overall. He often records alone so he can isolate himself and focus strictly on the music he’s making.

1600 Pablo’s most recent releases were two singles “Gucci AR” and “Trending Topic.” Each single has its own inspiration. “Gucci AR” has a very trap drill sound and the name draws from the style. “Trending Topic” is a reference to how he is always the topic of someone’s conversation.

Outside of his work and music, Pablo is focused on being a good father and role model to his daughter. He hopes to change the narrative of his community and bring something good from all the crime and struggle those in his neighborhood face.