2SC Money was born and raised in Southside Atlanta. The “SC” in his name represents “Southside Chaser.” His city influenced him to start rapping and he wouldn’t be the artist he is today without it. Seeing other artists climb to success out of the Southside motivated him to take rap seriously.

Throughout high school, 2SC was a football player and saw sports as a potential career path. He didn’t start to rap until after he had graduated, and never saw himself becoming an artist. He’s been working on music for a few years and just recently released his first single “Ride The Wave.” His music is unique because only he can tell his story, and everything he’s been through is within his lyrical content. When people listen to his music he wants them to remember the feeling it gave them.

2SC has been inspired by many people. Seeing people who aren’t on the right track motivates him to work hard in order to avoid those situations. He feels as though he’s beat all the odds and has overcome everything that’s been stacked against him since he was a kid. He wants to give people that same feeling through music and put everyone around him in a better situation.

Currently, 2SC is working alongside Authentic Empire Music Group. He put out his first single with them and began building relationships with their artists. He credits Authentic Empire with shifting his career and setting up his music the right way. He has a feature coming soon, and is working towards an EP release. Beyond his music, 2SC recently opened up “C&P Studios” and is focusing on being both an artist and business owner.