Artty Drako was raised in Charlotte, North Carolina where not too many people make it out as artists. Seeing Da Baby take off was an inspiration and motivated him to get out of the city.

While serving time in prison, someone mentioned the release of Dracos as they were relatively new, which is what drove him to choose the artist name “Artty Drako” and people liked it.

At the age of 15, Artty Drako began rapping over beats for fun. When his mother passed away the same year his father was arrested, this drove Artty to tell his story through music. He raps about the good and the bad.

His music is motivational and gets his listeners through the struggle. His music has touched on some deep topics and moving forward Drako plans to make some more chantable music that the crowd can vibe too.

As an artist, Artty Drako is very humble and always working towards getting better. He’s dedicated to what he’s doing and knows it’s time to invest in himself and move away from the streets. He still goes back to his hometown and gets an opinion from the streets he was raised on to see what people think of his work. Whether he’s getting paid or not, Artty Drako is always working towards bettering his music because rap is his passion.

Within recent years, Artty Drako began working with Authentic Empire Music Group and is working on a feature with Doughboy D for an upcoming single entitled “HWY.” He has been building relationships with many of Authentic Empire’s artists and cites Boomman, the label’s CEO, as one of his biggest inspirations.

Currently, Artty Drako is putting his merch line together and looking out for upcoming artists that he can work with and influence.