AyeZay was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, and has always been interested in music since he was a child. He started rapping at the age of 8 and began taking it seriously by the time he was 16. Music has always been his passion. Even when he went through low points of wanting to give up, he never stopped. Growing up in the projects of Savannah, AyeZay was exposed to a lot of violence and draws inspiration for his music from the struggles he’s faced.

Lyrically, his inspiration to write comes from things he’s been surrounded by and experienced himself. Throughout the day, as lyrics come to mind, he writes them down in a notebook. In the studio, he feels his written music sounds more complete, however, he can punch in and freestyle when necessary. He doesn’t listen to other artists and keeps his sound true to himself. He doesn’t try to be or sound like anyone else and speaks only on his experiences.

Whilst being in the industry, AyeZay has had times where he was surrounding himself with the wrong people. If he had gotten with a good team earlier in his career, he feels he could have gone further faster. Being amongst the wrong crowd he also found himself in and out of jail at a point in his life. Overcoming these obstacles and focusing on finding success independently, AyeZay is motivated to work hard for his passion and support his family.

AyeZay recently began working with Authentic Empire Music Group and is working on a single featuring label artist YSN Trapp. The single is entitled “The F**k I Look Like” and is set to release soon. His latest releases were a few singles and his tape entitled “Gifted Vol. 1.”

Outside of his music, AyeZay is working on creating his own label BBA (Business Before Anything). Ayezay is continuing to tell his story, leaving lyrics on his tracks that cover a variety of topics and genres, in hopes to be an iconic artist by the end of his career.