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Chicago rapper BandUpSick was influenced by Tupac, Biggie, and Puffy at a young age and began rapping over beats. As a kid, he was interested in basketball until he discovered his friend’s karaoke machine at the age of 9 and started to gain interest in music. He attended a music high school where he was able to learn the ins and outs of making beats and recording and began to take his career in music seriously in 2016.

Growing up in Chicago’s projects built certain character and instilled values in him. Overcoming a rigorous lifestyle helped develop the message he hopes to spread through music. To tell people that it doesn’t matter your situation, you might seem like you’re in a hopeless spot, but you’re still able to transition to the top and become something. This message inspired him to choose the artist named BandUpSick. After overcoming homelessness in LA last year, he was able to “band up” and start living on another level.

When it comes to his music style, BandUpSick is able to take people through his raps and deliver them with a smooth cadence. Once he’s smoked he’s able to get in the zone, and gets to work freestyling. He can create something brand new within the hour. He believes that with today’s sound, people aren’t getting lyrical and there’s no message. He wants to captivate today’s sound whilst still being able to leave his audience talking about something.

He recently released an album entitled “Lonewolf Reloaded,” representing how much work he’s put into himself. BandUpSick makes beats for himself, mixes, edits videos, does his own marketing, does everything himself. He recently began working with Authentic Empire Music Group and plans to feature artists from the label on his upcoming EP. BandUpSick holds himself to a high standard and is focused on delivering his best work each time he releases something new.