Bennie from the Bricks - "Moncler" feat. Euro Gotit (Single)
Bennie from the Bricks - "Drug Activity" (Single)


Bennie From The Bricks was raised in Springfield, Illinois. The area he’s from was nicknamed “The Bricks,” which influenced his artist name. Springfield, the capital of Illinois, was within a close distance to many musically inclined cities such as Saint Louis and Chicago, making it an epicenter for many different types of people. Like any city, there was good and bad. Bennie grew up around a lot of poverty, however, overcoming the struggle made him the artist he is today.

From a young age, Bennie saw his older brother rapping on karaoke machines and started to write his own raps to bring to school. He continued writing throughout his career and has been improving upon his freestyling abilities more recently. When his music has a deeper subject matter he always takes the time to write. If he’s feeling the energy in the studio he’ll punch in and freestyle. Bennie keeps his style unique and never tries to chase a certain sound.

As an artist, Bennie has been inspired by the people he surrounds himself with. Many of his friends make music also and support his career, pushing him to keep going. Once Bennie started a family, his children motivated him to stay on a professional path and away from the streets.

Currently in his career, Bennie From The Bricks is working on an album entitled “Essential Trapper.” This name is derived from the recent pandemic’s focus on essential workers. He has been working with Authentic Empire Music Group and recently released a music video featuring one of their influencers, Cheeks. Bennie has also opened shows for artists like Polo G, and recently did an interview with DJ Smallz Eyes. Outside of music, Bennie is working on a clothing line, with the name brand “Avenue Apparel.”