Cartier Kartell started writing poetry around 10 years old, and was always interested in language arts.

He showed his first poem to his sister and when she read it aloud, she told him it wasn’t any good. This criticism didn’t deter his passion for writing, only made it stronger. He was motivated to take his work seriously and strive for greatness.

Every day before school, Cartier would battle rap with his peers trying to claim the title of best verse. Winning those battle raps always gave him the street credit of having a way with words and being creative. When it comes to rapping, Cartier believes if you can hold yourself verbally it’s more of an accomplishment than winning a physical fight.

Cartier was born in Cleveland, Ohio and moved to Canton, Ohio at the age of 14—a city he describes as a concrete jungle. The city was harsh and there was often no way out, so many people resorted to the streets.

He has always been intrigued and felt he could relate to the cartel due to his upbringing, and this influenced his artist name. Cartier is a modification of his last name Carter and this name is a representation of him not caring, living on the edge, and being a bad boy version of himself.

Cartier Makes his music for the culture and recently released a single titled “Castro.” Some of his biggest influences in music are Bone Thugs and Harmony, Lil Wayne, and Eminem. He credits these artists with helping shape his lyrical flow, delivery, and metaphors. He has worked with artists such as Authentic Empire Music Group’s Geezy Escobar and Frenchie from Brick Squad.