D'vincci Sway

D’vincci Sway was born and raised in Georgetown, Georgia. His name is inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci. He considers himself an artist within music, and sway comes from having a certain swag about him.

When he was young, his mother bought him a karaoke machine and this sparked his first interest in music. At the age of 14, he started to write music and poetry and made his first song. D’vincci is motivated to inspire others and be the first big rapper out of his city.

When it comes to his music, D’vincci likes to get in the studio, feel the beat, and throw down a freestyle. He’ll write here and there when he has a line to note down, but most of the time he likes to freestyle. His music is very relatable and motivational. D’vincci tries to motivate everyone to understand they can do what they’re doing with hard work and dedication. He is focused on putting his city on the map.

D’vincci was motivated by his cousin Avant, who is a popular R&B singer. Seeing him rise to success and be able to take care of his family was motivational. It took D’vinnci lot of effort to convince everyone he was really serious about making music. And once he overcame the doubt and got the funds to start his career he was able to get things moving.

Currently, D’Vincci is working on a few different singles with upcoming releases. He has a single with Authentic Empire Music Group artist YSN Trapp, and is working on an EP for the end of this year.

Outside of music, D’vincci is working with his brother on a clothing line called “Backend Baby.” D’vincci is always looking to motivate others with his music and be someone his friends and other artists can look up to.