Famous Rando was born in Madison, WI and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and enjoyed being brought up in a city where music was plentiful and diverse. He was first interested in music around the age of 9 after watching his uncles make music and perform in shows. After discovering he had a talent for writing and performing, Rando knew music was something he could both enjoy and make money from. His uncles inspired him and pushed him to take his music seriously.

Throughout his life, Famous Rando has been faced with a blood disease called sickle cell anemia, which has kept him in and out of the hospital. Spending so much time in the hospital has made it difficult to pursue a career in music, but not impossible. Rando worked extremely hard to prove he could still achieve his goals and do what he wanted to in life. Throughout his career, he hopes to inspire those who are facing similar struggles and be someone another artist can look up to when overcoming obstacles of their own. One of the biggest reasons he’s been able to overcome every obstacle is due to his mother’s constant support. She has been one of his biggest inspirations and role models, pushing him to never give up.

When it comes to his music, Famous Rando has a very unique flow and style. He stays in his own lane and creates one-of-a-kind content. He’s a writer and always puts a lot of thought and passion into his lyrics. When he’s passing time, he’ll put on a beat and feel it out, freestyle in his head, write down what’s sounding the best, and go from there.

Everything he makes music about is drawn from real-life experience. He is looking to share his story in order to create raw and real content for others to relate to. As an artist looking to share his story, Famous Rando loves to perform; getting in front of a crowd comes naturally to him. Being able to engage with the audience and be himself on stage is one of the most rewarding feelings, he says.

Currently, Famous Rando has two singles out on all streaming platforms entitled “Big Ol Flex” and “Letter To My Opps.” He has been recording a large amount of content for upcoming releases. He’s worked with Authentic Empire Music Group’s YSN Trapp and the two have a single coming out soon.

Famous Rando is looking to make himself known for never giving up. He’s persevered through all his obstacles, and hopes to inspire others to do the same.