Flame G Squadbaby grew up in Tutwiler, Mississippi. Everything he went through was in his hometown, shaping him into the artist he is today.

Growing up, his biggest inspiration was his cousin Moseah. He saw his brothers and cousins making music, rapping about day-to-day things and was motivated to try it himself. Being an artist had never crossed Flame G’s mind until he started spending all of his time around his cousin. When he passed away, Flame G knew he had to finish the mission of rising to success, and never stop telling his story.

Before recording, Flame G always writes and rehearses his music prior to the studio. When it comes to his artistic style, Flame G Squadbaby has a very unique southern sound. He is self-made and true to his own sound; he never tries to copy anyone’s style.

All of his lyrics are written from things he’s seen others go through or been through himself, touching on topics of drugs, losing family, and struggles he’s been through. His music is honest and relatable for those who had a similar upbringing and faced the same struggles as Flame G.

As he grew into the artist he is now, he’s had to let many people go. A lot of people he surrounded himself with didn’t support him for who he was; they were just around for the fame. He was determined to take rap seriously and pursue it full time which meant getting the wrong people out the way, and putting those who were there to help in their place. Once he overcame this, he had to focus on keeping both his feet grounded in music, taking one out of the streets.

Most recently Flame G Squadbaby has released two music videos alongside his singles “3.5” and “Gang Land” and has a few more videos on the way. He has been working with Authentic Empire Music Group, recording in their studio with plans to release a song through the company soon.

Flame G has also worked on features with Quality Control’s Ed Dolo and Big Walk Dog of the New 1017. He “jumped off the porch,” doing an interview with Dirty Glove Bastard and can be found on their YouTube channel.