Free Money Sonny was born and raised in Farmersville, Texas—a small town with very little to do.

As a child, he was often called “Sonny Boy,” which is where he gets the second half of his name. He added Free Money to the beginning as a reference to his organization targeted towards young entrepreneurs.

At the age of 12, he discovered a Michael Jackson DVD his cousin had left behind and decided to press play. Once he heard and saw the tape, he was hooked on the music and credits Michael Jackson as one of his biggest influences.

The isolation he experienced growing up drove him to start writing poetry in middle school. He spent a lot of time outside, sitting by the river and writing whatever came to mind.

Now, his best songs come from right when he wakes up. He starts writing and tries to get in the studio as early as possible. When he’s at the studio he brings his girl and occasionally his close friend who is like a manager to him.

In recent years Free Money met his manager who has put a lot of time and money into his music. Having to overcome the struggle of balancing a 9 to 5 and making time to be an artist. Thanks to his manager he was able to begin working less and really invest in his music, starting to turn his dream into a career.

He has been doing everything by himself since the age of 16, experiencing many nights where he wasn’t sure how he would pay his rent or what his next steps were. Now he has his team behind him and has been able to get serious about being an artist.

Currently, Free Money Sonny is working with Authentic Empire Music Group and has done a feature with Euro Gotit.

He also recently put out a single with Ken Hunned called “YSL.” Another upcoming release is in the works with K Breezy and this will be Sonny’s first hype song to really get his fans turned up.

Beyond music, Sonny is working on curating his clothing brand “Eolisèon” and plans to create new pieces very soon.