Freeco was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and grew up around a large variety of music. He first admired his cousin who was making music alongside artists such as B.o.B. Freeco quickly realized he would need a way to fund his career in order to take his artistry to the next level. Freeco was able to find a way to save and earn money, through learning how to produce and engineer. He was then able to do everything for his music himself and make money producing and engineering for other independent artists.

In order to become the artist he is today, he had to overcome procrastination and time management issues. Freeco was working hard to earn the funds he needed to invest in himself, however, working would tire him out to the point of exhaustion, leaving the work on himself not done. Once he started managing his time more efficiently for his music, however, he was able to find his sound and style, in order to take his music more seriously.

Freeco’s music is very versatile and he speaks on a variety of topics from love, emotions, and day-to-day life experiences. Depending on the day he may write out a thought-out deep set of lyrics or create something on the spot expressing his current emotion. Artists such as Lil Wayne and Tory Lanez are inspirations to Freeco as they possess the same versatility and lyricism he is working towards.

Currently, Freeco is working on releasing singles and videos, leading up to his album release within the next year. Freeco does a lot of work by himself and has had his foot through every door of the music industry. He is currently centered more in the realm of hip-hop, however, he is working on branching out into a more R&B sound.

Freeco is a laid-back and likable person. He is open to working with other artists in collaboration and as an engineer. He is looking to establish himself as a master of many artistic outlets and let others know he is the biggest contributor to all of his own work.