You can tell by his demeanor that HLD is everything Georgia. This Cordele native may be part hustler and part intellectual, but he’s all artist. His story is not only compelling, but also relatable. For him, honor isn’t a goal. It’s just how he moves.

Like many, HLD had to make an early transition from boy to man. Having a father that never lived up to his obligations as a provider, he felt it was his responsibility to make ends meet. Too young for a 9-5, but equipped with savvy, instincts and courage, he hit the grind. Luckily, his cousin introduced him to a path he had never considered before.

Sitting in on his first studio session, with no prior experience writing or rapping, HLD grabbed a mic. The words poured out of him like a seasoned artist. There was an instant chemistry, like knowing you found your wife 2 hours into a blind date. HLD is not only devoted to his craft, he’s driven by his natural ability to project his thoughts in a way that gives a voice to everyone that understands the meaning of triumph through struggle.

Losing a child during the birthing processes could force the strongest man to his knees, but HLD found the strength to stand tall. That mentality is exemplified by his song “Dedication,” in which he conveys a very important message. He never ducks his obligations and refuses to accept defeat on his back. His song “Man Down” isn’t introspection, it’s a warning. Don’t test a fighter.