K Pi$tol, don’t forget the dollar sign, was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. His city has influenced his music in every way and those around him have been very supportive of his career. He speaks on what he’s experienced day-to-day whilst living in Buffalo and pulls stories from when he’s traveled into his lyrics. Nobody can explain what he’s been through the same way he can.

When K Pi$tol was kicked out of college due to complications with the law, he was placed on 5-year house arrest. This gave him time to settle down and explain himself through music. During this period he reflected on experiences he’s had and wanted to speak on what he’s been through leading up to that time. K Pi$tol credits his brother as his biggest inspiration. He is an artist as well and is currently doing time in prison. K Pi$tol wants to continue his legacy and keep their music alive for his return.

As an artist, K Pi$tol has a very original style and flow. In the studio, he doesn’t like to waste time and can punch in a freestyle throughout the session. He started off as a writer and still makes notes from time-to-time but most of his work is done mentally. When it comes to collaborations he has done a few features, however, he’s focused on himself and working toward success off his own sound.

Most recently K Pi$tol has released the mixtape “Big Send Tretter” on all platforms and is focusing on getting visuals made to go alongside the tape. He has released two new videos so far and has two more on the way, coming very soon. Outside of music, he is working on his exotic snacks business “VeltStarVending,” and a clothing line entitled “Desiigner” set to drop in August of 2021.