Growing up in Dublin, Georgia, Kannon became a product of his environment due to some difficult decisions that he faced. In jail, his roommate was always rapping and this influenced Kannon to try it out himself. After being released, he continued working at it and hasn’t stopped since. Within recent years he decided to truly take it seriously and make rapping into his career and lifestyle.

When it comes to his music, Kannon keeps his lyrics real and relatable. Being able to touch on subjects about his life and what he’s been through has allowed Kannon’s fans to take a peek into his world. Kannon’s voice and sound sets him apart.

His music is original and he never tries to recreate another artist’s style. Kannon is very humble and enjoys being around people with a good vibe. He’s learned from many difficult situations and is focused on positivity and bettering his life.

In the studio, Kannon has recently been making music on the spot, however his best music was made from writing. In the past year, Kannon has been working on evolving his sound. He is working on rebranding himself and approaching his music in a more professional manner. Kannon is learning the marketing side of the industry as he continues working, switching up his flow and finding his new style.

Currently, Kannon is working on a new tape. He’s made a lot of music and is waiting to drop at the right time to start fresh. He is working towards filming more music videos and getting visuals created for his music.

Kannon recently began working with Authentic Empire Music Group and is working on a feature with label artist YSN Trapp. Beyond music, Kannon is looking into producing some merch for his brand “Risk Takers.”