Lil Crow

Lil Crow was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, and growing up there had a big impact on who he is as an artist.

Lil Crow’s last name is Crowell, and his father was called Lil Crow as well—it’s a family nickname. He was in between houses most of his life until he was adopted by his grandmother. By the age of 14, he found himself in juvenile detention until he was 16 years old. Lil Crow’s first love was basketball, which got him out of the streets. He didn’t start to take music seriously until after he had retired from playing professionally.

When it comes to his career, Lil Crow sees himself as both a businessman and an artist. He takes his music very seriously and is focused on being marketable. He’s also focused on gaining an understanding of the behind the scenes of the music industry.

In his music he speaks on where he’s trying to go and what he’s trying to do in his career. Lil Crow gains a lot of inspiration and motivation from his brother who taught him everything and passed away early in life.

In the studio, Crow likes to go by himself. Working with his engineer, he can finish up to four songs within an hour. He’s never been much of a writer and always enjoys freestyling his music.

Before he took rap seriously, he was still doing shows for fun. Crow has always loved performing, and connecting with a crowd is his favorite thing.

Within the past yea,r Lil Crow began working with Authentic Empire, making connections with their artists and working on music with them. He is releasing a single with Authentic Empire soon featuring one of the label’s artists. One of his singles was a part of the NBA2k soundtrack, and seeing his two passions—basketball and music—come together was a big moment for his career.

Lil Crow is fun and enjoys having a good time, working hard, and making music to support his family.