Mack Manns turned towards music as a way to express himself after losing his father. He kept his legal name as his artist name as an ode to his father, who he’s named after. Music was a playful hobby for Mack Manns in middle school, and shortly after the passing of his father he became more reserved and saw music as an outlet. Gradually he began taking the music more seriously and felt as though sharing his feelings and stories would help others who can relate and feel the music he is sharing on a deeper level.

Coming out of Columbus, Ohio, Mack Manns has felt struggle and pain throughout his childhood and felt his city gave him something to prove. A lot of the music in Columbus is closed off and remains local, he is reaching for the bigger picture hoping to bring a voice and guidance to music in his city.

Mack Manns is driven to inspire. He found his own inspiration in artists like Nipsey Hussle and Jay-Z. Seeing them be real, raw, and professional in their craft and their business motivated him to take himself seriously and be that same inspiration for others. When it comes to the lyrics and the music, Mack Manns is speaking from experience looking to be a voice for those who need one. He has a unique sound, and the motivation behind his music is incomparable to any artist in the industry.

Mack Manns enjoys writing and freestyling. When he has a specific story to share he’ll write down pieces of the song and finish it out freestyling however the music is making him feel. His music is versatile; it can draw emotion, make you want to move, catch a vibe, and bring an experience in its entirety.

Currently, Mack Manns has been working with Authentic Empire Music Group under management with CEO Boomman. Throughout his career, he’s opened for a variety of artists such as Migos and NBA YoungBoy, and is striving to network and build relationships. He has a project in the works entitled “Part 3” and has been focused on releasing visuals for is current singles.

Mack Manns has built up a wide archive of new music and is ready to give his audience the product in the most professional manner. He is focused on making his music in order to express himself and give others hope, relatability, and leave an impact.