Cujo MainMain

Louisiana phenomenon MainMain is one of those rare artists that stand out amongst the rest in his generation as legendary. Layered with an unmistakable and unforgettable sound and better yet known for his energy on stage; trending dance moves and compelling lyricism…he leaves his audience wanting more every time.

MainMain is an all around triple threat with the charisma to match. To see him on a live platform will leave his audiences entertained, encouraged and engaged with MainMain’s one of a kind personality and passion for what he does best. MainMain not only has next, but he is a true and bonafide legend in the making.

With a Humble, heartfelt and hungry attitude, he calls himself “CUJO” to remind himself of where he came from. MainMain’s sound can be described as current, positive, relatable, upbeat and warming. MainMain’s music has been compared to the lyrical flows and stylings of Drake, Lil Wayne, Travis Scott and Lil Snupe while keeping a fun and southern anthem type musical feel and loyalty to his hometown sound much like T.I. His creativity on camera is edgy, goofy and playful, keeping audiences’ attention with out-of-the-box ideas and concepts very much reminiscent of ATL’s very own Outkast.

MainMain was raised in Tallulah, Louisiana but was born in Houston, TX. He has been told his dialect holds a uniqueness because of his Louisiana/Houston cadence. MainMain’s honest, trending lyrics and creative storytelling has set him apart from the rest. MainMain loves to push the envelope with edgy musical content and humorous undertones to his music videos.

MainMain’ nickname “Cujo” speaks to the “fight in the dog” mentality he was forced to grow up in. As MainMain recalls: “I had to learn to survive in the streets at a young age and those stories are retold in my music.” MainMain didn’t have his father to look up to while growing up; he took on numerous responsibilities as being the older of his two siblings while his mom worked countless hours. “The struggle has helped define my character, grind, passion and drive,” he says.

In his music, MainMain talks about how God pulled him through those tough times. MainMain’s background gives him the ability to relate to others who also had to face similar circumstances. He seeks to motivate, encourage and inspire his listeners to rise above all of life’s obstacles. He hopes his audience encounters the same hope, love, joy and grace that God gave to him to keep pushing through.

MainMain stepped into Music City Studios in Monroe, LA and met Scott & Gayle and his life was never the same. He recorded and released his first album “Ambitions of a Youngin” in 2015 at the tender age of fifteen years old. Since then, he has released numerous freestyle videos that can be found on YouTube and has taken on the title of “freestyle champion.”

MainMain released the crowd pleasing hit, “SHIMMY,” in 2017 featuring Big Al Cherry and “CUJO the EP” in 2018 hosted by the well-known DJ Star, and recently released “Scrappy Doo” on Thanksgiving 2018. Riding on the wave of his last two singles, “Jawz” and “Westbrook” featuring Aron Cole, MainMain has been recognized by his peers as being witty, original & raw. MainMain has opened for artists such as Lil Boosie, and 21 Savage as well as shared the stage with artists such as Aha Gazelle, Starringo, Aaron Cole & WhatupRG.

MainMain’s deep rooted Louisiana sound has grounded him as “the go-to” artist for current and relevant music that speaks to the youth of this generation. He is currently enrolled at the University of Louisiana Monroe and is active on campus keeping his ear to the streets in what is trending musically, keeping him and his music relevant and progressive in its approach.

At the young age of 21, MainMain is only beginning his career blazing through stereotypes, breaking records and astonishing new audiences with his rare musical giftings. He says: “You can find me with my family, at school, on the block or in the studio, I put in the time so I can have fun and connect with my audience on stage.”