MBM Big Homie was inspired by his father to start making music; he was a rapper as well and always looked up to him. Big Homie is from Orville, Alabama. His father worked with Ludacris. Both being from southern states they had a similar vibe. Seeing his father joining that crew was motivational and drove him towards a career in music. His nickname “Big Homie” comes from always taking care of those around him.

Growing up, MBM Big Homie was surrounded by poverty, which motivated him to go hard with his music and make it out the struggle. He is known for being very family oriented. As a father of 3 he is always motivated by his children. He’s focused on supporting his community and speaks on the hardships and struggles he’s survived whilst coming up. Combining both trap and gangsta rap styles in his sound, Big Homie is a unique artist creating his own style.

Big Homie credits Doe B as an inspiration and admires his style. In the studio Big Homie likes to smoke and drink to get in the zone and prefers to freestyle bar for bar based on the beat. He’s been working on doing more club performances and shows, networking with DJ’s, and getting his music out.

MBM Big Homie just released a new project entitled “Finally Made It,” the title of which was inspired by his recent partnership with Authentic Empire. His latest release is a single entitled “Freeway”” featuring Big Yavo, and he plans to release a single with BIG30 alongside the new tape.

Big Homie is working on growing his record label “Mudd Brothers Music (MBM),” and has plans to release a clothing line under the same name as well.