Oue Whop was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Growing up less fortunate, he’s been through a lot of struggle. Growing up, his mother nicknamed him Oue, and his friends called him Whop, so he combined the two for his artist name. From an early age, he was interested in music. At the age of 8 he picked up a pen and wrote his first song. He is focused on sharing what he’s been through and creating relatable music for his audience.

When it comes to Oue Whop’s sound, he is a very real and raw artist. He does not derive any of his lyrics from fiction, he stays away from auto-tuning and he keeps his voice as authentic as possible. He makes sense of what he’s saying and tends to write mentally throughout the day. In the studio he’ll lay it out on a verse and freestyle. His content comes from struggles and passion, delivering real-life experiences in a street trap sound. He wants to remain a relatable artist, with the goal of helping those who have been through the same struggles he’s faced.

Oue Whop is focused on gaining success to help those around him achieve the same. He is motivated by his children to continue working hard and provide the best life he can for them. There was a time when Oue Whop was incarcerated and facing charges he didn’t think he could live down. Once he beat his charges he knew it was time to go as hard as he could and get serious about music being his career.

Most recently Oue Whop got in the studio with Authentic Empire Music Group artist AG Lotti and has a single they collaborated on coming soon. He also released the single “Dangerous” through Authentic Empire and is working on an upcoming mixtape. He is focused on serving his purpose as an artist and being known for doing so. Oue Whop is continuing to work hard at staying on a straight path with music and growing as an artist on a daily basis.