Sco4rmDaGo was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. His last name is Sculfield, he’s from “the go” (Chicago), and he added the 4 due to his birthday landing on January 4th.

His city was a huge influence on him and he’s never left. He lost a lot of friends and family to the streets in Chicago, and at times found himself caught up in them. The first project he released was titled “28 Baby,” referencing the area he grew up in on the low end of the city.

Many artists claim to rap about experiences they’ve been through, some more than others, but Sco4rmDaGo keeps his lyrical content fully authentic.

Being through many difficult situations in his neighborhood and facing people who were against him, he’s had many experiences worth expressing in his music. When his cousin passed away, it was a huge turning point for his career because his cousin always supported him and losing him motivated Sco to go even harder.

When it comes to his music, Sco enjoys writing, but when the beat is right, he can throw down a mean freestyle too. He has great bars and quick delivery, and is always trying to influence others with his music. Sco credits G Herbo and Young Dolph as some of his inspirations, and he admires them as fully independent artists.

Currently, Sco4rmDaGo is working on a few EPs, and plans to release singles leading up to the drops. As a performer, Sco has come a long way and his most recent shows have been very interactive keeping the audience locked in.

Outside of his own music Sco is working on helping his 3 year old daughter start a YouTube channel of her own, as she enjoys music and has been working on a song of her own.