Short Bralik had a rough upbringing in Norfolk, Virginia and lost most of his family to violence. His mother inspired him to start writing raps in first grade after she passed away. His city killed everything he loved and his music reflects this struggle. Shorty’s music is a way to express the hurt he’s felt, in a raw and uncut manner.

After spending time in prison Shorty Bralik got his artist name, from being short and strong. He began taking music seriously once he got out and started to overcome struggles in the industry. Shorty dealt with dirty promoters and fake support, he learned to only surround himself with the real people.

When it comes to making music, he loves the water. Shorty Bralik goes to the water to relax and get in his creative zone, he loves listening to the waves hit the shore. Once he gets in the zone he writes his music beforehand to prepare for studio sessions. His music is about his everyday life, he tries to keep it upbeat and still tell his real and raw story.

Shorty Bralik is currently pushing his latest album “Bralik World,” the name comes from him expressing that it’s his world and speaking on how he’s experienced life. The tape’s single is entitled “No Fake Love”, reflecting that he only surrounds himself with the real. Bralik has been putting out music for many years and now it’s time to see Bralik’s World.