Taylo Frm Da Bronx - "It's Up There" feat. Enchanting (Single)
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Taylo Frm Da Bronx - "Law & Order MMB" (Single)
Taylo From Da Bronx - Up All Night (Album)



Taylo Frm Da Bronx was born and raised in Gary, Indiana in the Brunswick area often referred to as “The Bronx” amongst her hometown. When she was 16, she began listening to some of her father’s music that her cousin had sent to her. Listening to his music influenced her to start writing her own songs. Taylo had always seen herself becoming an artist but never really knew where to get started. As she was growing up and writing music, she eventually connected with someone with a studio and was able to get some serious recording done.

Growing up in Gary, Indiana there wasn’t a lot of resources and opportunity for music. Taylo didn’t allow this to deter her and it pushed her to go even harder to rise to the top. A majority of Taylo’s music is about day-to-day situations and is inspired by things she went through in her city. She has overcome homelessness and poverty throughout her life and is finally on a track to stay in a better situation. All of the struggles and different positions she had to put herself in to make a way are things that have been reflected in her lyrics.

When it comes to her music, she resonates mostly with the genre of Trap Music, however, she is a diverse artist and doesn’t let her music stay in one box. Taylo is a writer and likes to come to the studio prepared, in order to structure her thoughts out and stay serious about her music. She likes to get her jewelry on and vibe in the studio, keeping high energy and having a hype session is her style. Within music, she has recently worked with Love Enchanting of Gucci Mane’s The New 1017.

Taylo Frm Da Bronx has been working hard to create a lot of new music and has big plans for the future. She has collaborated with Zaytoven and has an upcoming single produced by him. Her single with Love Enchanting is coming soon as well, and she is looking to release a Mixtape and EP as well.

Taylo is always looking for ways to move forward and has a very ambitious mindset. She is straightforward and wants to establish herself as an artist who always keeps it real. Her hobby has started to become her career and now she is ready to make music in order to share her story and represent where she comes from.