Travv, whose real name is Travis, was born and raised in Syracuse, New York. He has always had a love for music and wrote his first rhyme when he was 16. He started taking music seriously as he got older and uses it as an outlet to tell his story. He makes music for a reason and spreads his message of where he came from through his lyrics.

2Pac was one of Travv’s biggest inspirations because he kept it real and had a strong message as well. Travv is making music for those who have faced his same struggle and are driven to come up out of them. His story of making it out of his city and finding success in a career he loves is something many people are aspiring to achieve as well. Travv wants to show others that it’s possible to achieve your goals and dreams with hard work and dedication.

When it comes to his music, Travv has his own style and his lyrical content is unique. His mentality sets him apart and makes him a strong independent artist. He enjoys many aspects of being an artist, including performing. He has a great performance style and loves to be on a stage surrounded by a high energy crowd. In the studio, Travv is working on getting better and better each day perfecting his craft.

Travv recently released his single “Letter To Remy,” dedicated to his friend who lost his life to gun violence. Travv has faced many hardships and hate throughout his career and reflects these experiences and feelings in his music. He is currently working on a single entitled “2K” to be released soon. He has a very enjoyable and optimistic personality and he is focused on staying positive and being known for who he is.