Industry insiders are keeping a close eye & ear on Orlando, FL due to the incredibly talented producers, songwriters and artists that are coming out of this culturally growing city. The newest product came out the gate making ALL the noise. Meet Trigganomatry AKA TRIGGA or TRIG to his friends.

When people think of Orlando it’s not usually for the tough streets outside the shiny theme parks and neon signs, but there does lie dark shadows in those streets, and Trig has had to dig deep to find the tenacity to not only survive life but to also allow his destiny to shine through in his lyrics & creativity. He has had his share of adversity which he speaks on in many of his tracks.

Watching his happy childhood life fast-forward from being in a loving two-parent home to watching his family disintegrate through drugs and divorce was a catalyst pushing Trig forward into adulthood at a very young age. Left to fend for himself, he not only survived but he thrived and tapped into the talent passed down through his musically inclined family. He has been able to pull from the history of music flowing through his veins.