Trinity Da Rapper is from Lagrange, Georgia. Everything she experienced in her city contributes to the story she tells in her music. She was first inspired to start rapping by her brother. Listening to his music motivated her to start creating her own.

Trinity is speaking from a female standpoint which is slowly becoming more normal in the rap community. However, she is speaking on her own experiences as a female and stands out among current female rappers.

All of Trinity’s lyrics are authentic and real. She speaks to the females and is making relatable content for the women in her audience. Trinity feels as if there’s a lack of realism in most artists’ music today and she is focused on bringing nothing but the truth to her platform. She speaks from the heart and her own experiences, putting every emotion into her raps.

Of artists today, Trinity aspires to work with Lil Baby and Cardi B. She was inspired by artists such as Trina and Aaliyah to start making music, and she draws a lot of their image into her own persona. Thus far, she has worked with Boosie Badazz and has released a single and music video with him. She is a high energy performer and has been doing shows throughout her city.

Most recently Trinity Da Rapper has released her single “Like Crack.” Trinity is always working and recording and has a lot of good music on the way. She listens to beats, feels out the vibes, and puts out freestyles based on the mood she’s in.

She’s outspoken and paves her own path to the top. Trinity is a creative and entrepreneur and definitely has what it takes to make it in the music industry.