Yram credits his best friend with inspiring and pushing him to take music seriously, turning a passion into a career. While they were in a bar listening to the jukebox, Yram sang along and his friend asked if he ever thought of making his own music. That same night, he went home, wrote his first song, and went to the studio the next day. His best friend passed shortly after, and Yram hasn’t looked back since that moment, driving himself towards a career in music every day.

Being born in Syracuse, New York and spending a lot of his youth in Atlanta, Georgia, Yram developed a very unique style and sound. Bringing together the bar techniques of New York and merging them into his preference for southern melodies and beats, Yram is able to create a blend of his two hometowns. Writing and recording at home is how he starts his process and once his music is ready for the next stage he gets in the studio with his engineer.

Yram draws inspiration for his lyrics from his everyday life and things he’s experienced. He speaks on what he deals with and what he sees, also touching on what he’s aspiring to achieve. Whilst his music has a trap sound and aura to it, he often avoids touching on topics like drug use and violence and draws attention towards the negative aspects. Setting him apart is his consistency and creativity, fully embracing his authentic self and not conforming to anyone else’s standards.

Most recently, Yram released a tape entitled “Elevate” and has some visuals coming alongside it soon. He has plans to work with Authentic Empire Music Group artist YSN Trapp on a remix of one of his singles, and releasing the tape through the company. Yram is also a very engaging performer and has been doing shows from a very young age, hoping to get some more going this upcoming year. Outside of music he is a video game streamer and has a large platform on Twitch.