Columbus, GA duo YSN are infamous for their raw, bold and authentic storytelling about ghetto life. Influential in their city as well as neighboring regions, the hometown heroes known individually as YSN Trapp and YSN Solid are expanding their lyrical drip beyond southern borders bringing a newfound respect to the game.

Both rappers grew up together on the westside, which was your typical impoverished community ravaged by drugs, crime and violence. As a result, they became products of their environment and looked at music as a way out. While their differing personalities have given them a truly individual sound, the group has harnessed a collective vibe that is redefining the landscape of hiphop.

YSN Trapp, who has always had an ear for innovation, began composing rhymes in elementary school. As he got older he began expressing his thoughts on the mic and sharing his recordings with friends, which ultimately resulted in him cultivating a loyal fan base. Trapp’s career quickly caught on fire and he took that heat and serviced the block with mixtapes and videos. As his name suggests, the young boss fell victim to the trappings of street life and a plethora of legal issues ensued. However, he continued to write. Influenced by the business savvy of cultural icons such as Master P and Ice Cube, the laidback 24 year-old is on a mission to showcase the full breadth of his talent. His versatility and passion for all genres of music, including pop and country, is a clear indication of his ability to appeal to a broader audience.

Wildly talented but also just wild, 23 year-old YSN Solid earned his respect early, hence his stage moniker. The energetic MC studied the careers of young goats like Young Scooter and Future with the draw being their similar background stories, but it was Gucci Mane who gave him the blueprint on how to hustle and motivate. Solid, who prides himself on staying true to his character at all times, began his career in entertainment as a dancer. During his middle school years, he competed in local talent shows and made a name for his stepping skills. Solid eventually transitioned into making music by freestyling and mastered the ability to creatively flow without having to write anything down.

YSN started out as a movement comprised of guys from the same housing projects but once their hood was torn down, the clique crumbled as well. However Solid and Trapp bonded over their shared interest in music and began going to the studio to record together. They collectively decided to continue to operate under the YSN brand, but altered the meaning of the acronym from Young Squad N*ggas to Young Street N*ggas. While Solid was locked up, Trapp kept the streets on lock by consistently dropping new music, which kept their fans fed. Together, YSN has released three singles with coinciding visuals that have garnered well over 600k YouTube views combined.

With Columbus on their backs and Authentic Empire on the necks of the industry, YSN could also be defined as You Should Notice.