Ziggy Zoe may be new to Authentic Empire, but he’s not wet behind the ears in making a new lane for himself; something that comes naturally to the Charleston, SC rapper.

Growing up with a love for knowledge, Ziggy understood early on how important a role that education and business would play in his future successes. At 21 years old, the rapper earned a degree from Spartanburg Methodist College in Computer Science on a wrestling scholarship.

After a year-long break, Zoe was introduced to Harvard programs by his brother. It was there that the now 25-year-old rapper made the connection of investing in his future musical endeavors and propelling his dreams forward.

Zoe is building a brand from the ground up. Having made song after song in the studio before coming to Authentic, it was a fateful six, one being with labelmate/#CarolinaBaby/brother, AVGOTDAM, that made their way into Boomman’s office and have now set the stage for his ascension into a new level in his career.

Stay on his journey with AE and catch up with Ziggy Zoe on IG @ziggyzoemusic.